Posted on Jan 3, 2020

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Vietnam Travel Guide: A must-read before you go

Any traveling enthusiast to South East Asia must have heard about Vietnam. The country’s tourism industry is booming with a growing number of visitors year after year, while its name is popping up frequently on countless reputable travel journals and blogs. Forget what you learned about the controversial war, Vietnam has totally left its infamous past behind. The country has been re-birthed as an exotic destination where tradition meets modernization, communism blends with capitalism, a place for natural wonders and urban landscapes to thrive together, all within a peaceful atmosphere.

Vietnam is undeniably charming, yet her beauty is not easy to conquer. This S-shape country has so much to offer tourists with a wide range of sceneries from North to South. Whether you are into the energetic urban life, or you are an explorer to pristine lands, there will be places here that will fulfill your expectations.
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